DRAWinU - Drawing Across University Borders

20.12.2022, 14h30, 16h00 (Museu da FBAUP)

With: Deanna Petherbridge (Artist, Professor Emeritus, University of the West of England, Bristol) | Gemma Anderson (Artist, University of Exeter) | Seymour Simmons (Professor of Fine Arts Emeritus, Winthrop University) | Mário Bismarck (i2ADS-FBAUP), Cláudia Amandi (i2ADS-FBAUP), Flávia Costa (i2ADS), J. Jorge Marques (i2ADS-FBAUP), Maria Helena Matos (CMUP-FCUP), Maria Manuela Lopes (i3S), Paulo Luís Almeida (i2ADS-FBAUP), Pedro Alegria (i2ADS), Sílvia Simões (i2ADS-FBAUP), Vasco Cardoso (i2ADS-FBAUP), Vítor Silva (i2ADS-FAUP).

In the first part, Deanna Petherbridge will make an introductory remark about drawing in society and its teaching across disciplines.

Gemma Anderson will present “Representing Biology as Process”, a research project motivated by process-centred understandings in biology. This project addresses the need for novel image making practices for the dynamic representation of living systems in a collaboration between art, biology and philosophy.

Concerning the release of his new book ‘The Value of Drawing Instruction in the Visual Arts and Across Curricula: Historical and Philosophical Arguments for Drawing in the Digital Age’ (Routledge, 2021), Seymour Simmons will address the challenges and potential opportunities for the teaching of drawing within the visual arts and across disciplines today. Simmons presents these topics in relation to five paradigms for teaching drawing: as design, as seeing, as experience and experiment, as expression and as a visual language.

In the second part, the DRAWinU team will present the project and the activities that will be developed in the scientific centres and areas of the University of Porto that collaborate in this research: microbiology and biochemistry, natural sciences, mechanical engineering, sports, territory research, architecture and neurosciences.


14:30 – Welcoming remarks and general presentation of the project

14:40 - Deanna Petherbridge, “Drawing as Empowerment”.

14:50 - Gemma Anderson, “Drawing as a way of knowing in Art and Science”.

15:10 - Seymour Simmons, “The Value of Teaching Drawing in the Visual Arts and Through Curriculum: Historical and Philosophical Arguments for Drawing in the Digital Age”.

15:40 - Presentation of team members and research areas.

15:55 - Presentation of the research exhibition catalogue "Seeing, Wanting to See, Showing - Drawing between Borders at the University of Porto"

16:00 - Closing of the public meeting.