External Advisors

Deanna Petherbridge
Artist, University of the West of England, Bristol

Internal Consultants

João Carlos Garcia
(Geography Department, FLUP)

José Alberto Gonçalves
(Faculty of Sciences, UP)

João Horta Belo
(Department of Physics and Astronomy, FCUP; IFIMUP)

Luis Belchior Santos
(Chemistry and Biochemistry Department, UP)

Maria de Jesus Sanches
(Faculty of Arts and Humanities, UP)

Maria Strecht Almeida
(Institute of Biomedical Sciences, UP)

Mário Barroca
(Faculty of Arts and Humanities, UP)

Mário Gonçalves Fernandes
(Faculty of Arts and Humanities, UP)

Vitor Manuel Oliveira
(CITTA) (Faculty of Engineering, UP)